Schools Ministry Team


Aintree Village Family Church has been providing support for local primary and secondary schools for many years. As part of the mission of the church, the church engages in taking assemblies, RE lessons, school retreats, pastoral role supporting children, teachers and parents.

This year the team have been delivering assemblies to the year 5 & 6 pupils on the theme of Christian Biblical themes and characters. On Maundy Thursday the children and teachers will come along to church for their Easter Service. The children bring songs they have learnt, and will read the Bible readings and poems, and our minister will share the Easter message.

After Easter we began with assemblies for years 3 & 4, the theme was conflict resolution. The children learned how to resolve issues that affect them every day, this was done by looking at some of the bible characters to see how they learned how to stop, take turns, accept, listen and love. Now we embark on a new set of assemblies for key stage one, which will take us through to the summer.

AVFC will once again provide the Scripture Union booklet, 'It's your Move' to all our year six children in our two primary schools.

This Autumn term has already begun, We had the pleasure of bring the stage show 'Woodbine Willie' to our local primary schools. It is a story of an army chaplain who put his life on the line for others. The play brought the rawness of war to the children who will be studying this as part of their history topics. Also we have been doing some teaching on pilgrimage to the year 5's.