World War Exhibition       8

5th November through to the 10th November the World War One exhibition will be in Aintree Davenhill once again, already local schools are wanting to attend as we together celebrate the ending of the Great War. Watch this space for more details.

On the 100th anniversary of World War One an exhibition has been running each year within the village. The exhibition is entitled 'A Village Remembers'. In 2014 we held our very first exhibition with the Old Roan Methodist Church, where we say many locals and local children from the schools attending.

Each year we have tried to focus on a particular moment within that year, so in 2014 we looked at our community and its involvement during the first world war. In 2015 we focused on the sinking of the Lusitania. 

This year we held the exhibition at Aintree Davenhill Primary school with the focus being the Battle of the Somme.

One of the main exhibits was our memorial wall, we took the names of our memorial plaques within ST Giles Church, Aintree, and St, Thomas Church, Melling and created a book and a wall identifying the men, where they lived and where they are buried. The books we have created will be passed on to the churches to complete their memorial.

We also were aided by the work of Help for Heroes and SASRA, Artifacts were provided by Mr Peter Tipping and Pegagus, I am truly thankful for their contributions to our exhibition.

We had a wonderful time with the children from Aintree Davenhill, Holy Rosary and Melling Primary, who also enjoyed the visit of Hero Bear.

Also I want to thank the Free Church Council for a donation to assist us in putting this on, also I owe a deep gratitude to the school for allowing us to take over their hall for the week.

Below you will see some of the images if the exhibition. Please continue to look at this page, as already we are preparing for next year.